A couple of hours in Brighton

I had to pop down to Brighton for a meeting yesterday, and had a couple of hours to kill afterwards. It was sunny, and I had my little RX100 plus my iPhone, so…

Oh, and if you’re wondering were the watches have gone, normal service will be resumed shortly :)

Perpetually… mine!

I have to say that this watch vies with the Moser for the honour of “most amazing” in my relatively small collection. The cleanness of the dial belies the complexity of the movement, and I can’t think of another PC that I prefer in terms of design.

Like the Moser, I save this one for best, so it always feels special when I put it on.

An hour in Clacton

I had to drive down to Colchester yesterday, as I had a couple of lights to drop off for repair with Bowens and they’d promised to look at them straight away to save me driving down there again (thanks guys – great service). I was expecting to have a few hours to kill so nipped across to Clacton on Sea; in the event I had a bite of lunch and received a call whilst I was finishing my dessert to say that they were ready.

I find seaside towns quite fascinating in the winter and would have liked to have spent a bit more time down there. As it was I had about an hour in total, and then decided to head back in order to beat the motorway traffic. Still, a good day as my lights are now working properly (new switches on each) and I got a handful of photographs.